Physical Activity and its Effect on Health

Physical Activity and the Body

Physical activity has shown to significantly improve the body in various ways. By adding a daily 15 min routine people can experience one or more of these positive effects:

  • Improves Mood – Recent studies have shown daily exercise to significantly improve the overall mood in people diagnosed with depression. These same studies also showed an increased negative mood in patients stopping a regular exercise routine.
  • Weight Loss – With dieting and a decreased caloric intake your body will lower the metabolism of fat, leading to weight loss. Increased physical activity helps to boost your body’s metabolism of fat, whether dieting or not. Exercise also helps to maximize muscle mass maintenance, which helps to prevent risk of future weight gain.
  • Increases Bone Strength – With age, our bone density increases. This makes our bones more susceptible to injury or fracture. A regular exercise routine can help to minimize these risks by improving bone strength.
  • Reduces Chronic Illness – Exercise has proven to significantly decrease the risk of diabetes type 2 and hypertension (high blood pressure). An increased level of activity has also shown to reverse the diagnosis of diabetes type 2 and hypertension in those people already diagnosed. Medications for these conditions have often been discontinued after a initiating a regular exercise routine.

Beneficial Low Activity Exercise

Exercise does not have to be a chore. There are many activities, often overlooked, that can be extremely beneficial in improving the body’s health. The following, if incorporated into a daily routine, can produce significant results.

  • Bowling: 219-273 cal/hr
  • Ballroom Dancing: 219-273 cal/hr
  • Canoeing: 256-319 cal/hr
  • Water Aerobics: 402-501 cal/hr
  • Hiking: 438-546 cal/hr
  • Racquetball 511-637 cal/hr
  • Roller-Bladding 548-683 cal/hr
  • Tennis: 584-728 cal/hr
  • Jumping Rope: 861-1074 cal/hr
  • Cleaning House: 240-300 cal/hr
  • Gardening: 370-460 cal/hr

These easy to do calorie burning activities can be easily introduced into any daily routine. Increasing the body’s productivity and health is more manageable than many people realize.

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