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General Inquires

Walk-ins and appointments are welcome for all patients for our Weight Loss and IV Therapy services. Patients being seen for aesthetics REQUIRE an appointment. We ask that first time patients arrive at least 30 minutes prior to closing. The best way to schedule an appointment is to call us at (615)401-9380 or create your appointment through our easy to use online booking site.

You may complete the new patient registration forms that are available on our website if you wish to expedite your visit. These forms may be filled out upon arrival as well. Please bring a valid government issued license/ID for medication dispensing purposes. Click here to access our New Patient Forms.
We currently accept HSA/FSA cards, Cash, Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

61Five regularly offers various specials throughout the year for new and returning patients. By subscribing to our mailing list you will be able to see all the latest and greatest specials we are offering. Check out our specials here. We also offer unlimited $15 discount for qualified new patient referrals! Check-in on Facebook or Yelp for $5 off. Lastly; make sure you look at our social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We often give $10 discounts for sharing our content on your personal pages! Ask staff for details.

Weight Loss

Initial weight loss consultations are non-obligatory and free of charge. If you decide not to start a program there would be zero cost. New patients can benefit from our $50 new patient special. Packages including medications and weight loss injections start at $99. Please see our Nashville Weight Loss Specials page to see our best savings.

Phentermine is an FDA approved appetite suppressant that is highly effective in promoting weight loss. Phentermine should be used in combination with exercise and a healthy diet to achieve optimal results.

Phentermine is a non habit forming, FDA approved, appetite suppressant that has been used safely and efficiently for over 50 years. As with any medication, there are risks and side effects that our licensed provider’s will review with you at your initial weight loss consultation. Click here to view a research study conducted on the safety of Phentermine use.

Phentermine can only be prescribed for patients that are ‘overweight’ or have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 25 or higher. Our providers will review your medical history as well as perform a physical assessment during your initial visit. This helps to minimize any additional risks that may cause adverse side effects. There is no BMI requirement for patients wishing to receive Lipotropic Injections (fat burners), B12 Injections or Lipotropic Sublingual Spray.

Click here to calculate your BMI

We offer Phentermine, an appetite suppressant used in conjunction with diet and exercise to achieve optimal results. We also offer Vitamin B12 Injections, Lipotropic Injections and Lipotropic Sublingual Spray. These are used in combination with Phentermine and individualized patient goals to obtain desired long-term weight loss results.

New patient weight loss consultations may last between 30-45 minutes depending on paper work and your individualized needs. Return patient visits may last between 15-20 minutes.

For qualifying weight loss patient’s we dispense a 30-day supply of Phentermine here in the office. Vitamin B12 shots may be given every 2 weeks for patients requesting them more frequently. Lipotropic Injections (fat burners) produce the best results when given every 3-7 days.

There are no commitments or fees when starting our program. Our only requirement is a positive attitude and the desire to improve your health.

IV Hydration Therapy

IV hydration assists in reversing negative effects of alcohol indulgence (hangover), dehydration from vomiting/illness, sports related fatigue and many additional acute and chronic conditions. IV hydration can also help to rejuvenate the body’s skin and organ function. The IV multivitamin therapy is our most popular infusion, replenishing essential vitamins and electrolytes our body needs for optimal function.

Patients with a history of kidney failure, heart disease or are currently pregnant should use caution when considering IV hydration treatments. Our experienced practitioners will evaluate your health history and determine if IV hydration is right for you. During the IV hydration infusion we will monitor you to insure your treatment is infused properly. 61Five’s licensed practitioners specialize in IV hydration administration, in the unlikely instance that you experience any adverse side effects from the treatment. It is extremely important each patient list their full medical history, this will help our practitioners identify any risks before treatment is given.

Glutathione is a high powered antioxidant shown to be beneficial in many acute and chronic conditions while boosting the body’s immune system and overall functionality. IV glutathione has proven superior to the oral form due to it’s better absorption and delivery.

Treatment times range depending on the size of vein our practitioner is able to access. Additives in your IV hydration treatment may also require slower drip speeds for maximum efficiency. A good estimate for IV treatment would be around 30-45 min for 1,000mL of fluid.

We offer a variety of IV hydration infusions, dependent on your individual needs and our provider’s assessment. Our IV hydration treatments start at just $49. For a complete list of IV pricing and more information please visit our IV hydration therapy pricing page.

Yes, we do come to you or can be available at the clinic after hours if we have availability. Please call or text 615.521.0707 to set up after hours or on location IV service. Please be aware that these kind of treatments are only provided if we have a provider available. We also typically required a booking deposit or after hours fee on top of our normal IV therapy pricing.

Aesthetics / Skin Care Services

Yes, new patients can get their first 15 units at $8/unit. Our Botox in normally priced at $12/unit.

Yes, new patients can get their first 15 units at $8/unit. Our Botox in normally priced at $11/unit.
Botox is a medication injected into the muscle to prevent the muscle from contracting and causing wrinkles.
Those concerned with fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and forehead. Botox can also help with wrinkles around the mouth and the pulling down at the corners of the mouth.

Avoiding the use of blood thinning medications can reduce the risk of bruising.

There may be bruising that can last 8-10 days. Makeup can be applied after Botox as long as the application brushes are clean.

12 weeks on average if the recommended dosages are used.

You may have small bruising or discoloration at the injection sites.

Bruising, allergic reaction, lid drop, difficulty breathing, difficulty swallowing, headache. Read the prescribing information for a comprehensive overview of risks and benefits. Bruising can persist as long as 8-10 days.

The effects of Botox start around day 4 and peak at day 10. Touch ups are done if needed on day 14 or after. If lines are etched into the skin, it can take time for these to improve. Proper topical skin care is necessary to help treat these lines.

Juvederm is a Hyaluronic Acid Filler made by Allergan. There are many different types of Juvederm that have different molecule size and cohesiveness. They are used in different areas of the face depending on the desired result.

Those concerned about volume loss in the face. Those desiring a fuller cheek area or lips.
After topical numbing of the skin, the filler is injected using a small needle into the desired low volume areas.
Juvederm Ultra, Ultra Plus, Volbella have a 12 month indication. Voluma and Vollure have an 18-24 month indication. Touch ups are needed as desired. If filler is not retreated, your face will return to its natural state.

Program overseen by Dr Moses Swauncy, MD

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