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Affordable Botox Treatments in Nashville and Franklin, TN

Our expert skin aesthetics staff at 61Five Health & Wellness uses Botox to reduce wrinkles and fine lines in the facial area for our patients. This minimally invasive treatment is administered by our Nurse team by injecting the medication into strong facial muscles that cause wrinkles and skin damage over time as we age. Botox treatments work by temporarily preventing muscles in the treated areas from contracting. Botox injections have become an excellent option for individuals who want to achieve smoother, youthful skin without surgery with results that last as much as 4 months!

Botox injections greatly reduce the appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Patients can expect to see the desired results at or around 2 weeks from the initial Botox treatment. Results generally last around 12 weeks but can vary depending on the patient’s lifestyle and metabolism. Touch-ups are sometimes necessary and performed two weeks after from the initial treatment. 

Botox is a FDA approved treatment and are medically safe when administered by a qualified and experienced providers. Our skin aesthetics team is lead by Sara LeBlanc, FNP. She has over a decade of injecting experience and is highly recognized by the Nashville community as top provider for beauty services and injectables. Achieving natural looking results requires both artistry and experience in the latest aesthetics techniques. Sara has trained closely with skin care experts in cosmetic injectables, providing our patient’s with the best possible product results. At 61Five Health & Wellness we assure that every patient is given top level aesthetic treatments and services. Check out our 5 Star Nashville Botox reviews on Google!

Botox Pricing

Botox treatments at 61Five can provide you with the youthful appearance you desire without breaking the bank. Different patients sometimes require more product than others to achieve the desired result. New patients can benefit from our Nashville Botox Special where you can get the first 15 units at $8/unit followed by $12/unit thereafter. 

Botox consultations are absolutely free and we NEVER charge an injection fee.

We accept Alle by Brilliant Distinctions points which can provide even deeper savings on your Botox treatments. And patients can earn Alle rewards with each visit to 61Five and redeem them toward future savings!

For more information please visit the 61Five Health & Wellness Nashville Botox Facts page.

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61Five Health & Wellness is located at 1913 Church Street in Nashville, TN. We are steps from downtown with convenient, free patient parking in front of the skin aesthetics clinic. Schedule a Botox treatment today with 61Five Health & Wellness. 

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