High Sodium Foods and Their Health Effect

Effects of Increased Dietary Sodium

When skimming food labels sodium is often mistakenly overlooked. The negative effects associated with increased dietary sodium range in severity. Brain fog, body swelling, high blood pressure, kidney stones, stomach ulcers and many other conditions can be a result of increased sodium intake. Here are just a few unknowingly high sodium foods hidden in plain sight.

Foods High in Sodium


Only a small amount of an added condiment can significantly increase your sodium intake. Soy sauce, ketchup, ranch dressing, BBQ sauce, mayonnaise, honey mustard, tartar sauce and horseradish are just a few of the highest sodium condiments. Try using tzatziki, hummus and mustard, condiments lowest in sodium, when wanting added flavor.

Processed Cheese

Cheese Sodium

One of the basic ingredients in cheese is salt. Large amounts of salt helps to keep cheese fresh and free of bacteria. Halloumi, imported blue, feta, string cheese, and edam have significantly higher amounts of sodium than other cheeses.

Canned Foods

Like cheese, large amounts of salt is used in canned foods to help with food preservation. Whole foods considered healthy can negatively impact the body when canned. Soups and meats are some of the highest sodium containing canned foods.

Frozen Foods

Daily recommended sodium intake in a healthy individual should be less than 2,300mg, with the average frozen meal having as much as 900mg. Frozen meals marketed as healthy diet choices contain significantly large amounts of sodium as well.

Improving Your Health

Checking food labels for the amount of sodium can greatly affect your body’s health and wellness. There is no time like the present to obtain optimal health and weight loss success. The benefits of being sodium-mindful will no doubt have a lasting positive effect.

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