Portion Control

Portion Control and Weight Loss

The weight loss professionals at 61Five recognize the importance of education when assisting patients to achieve healthy weight loss. We realize that an individualized approach makes the difference when helping patients to obtain long term results.

Maintaining a healthy weight presents lifelong challenges specifically for patients struggling with obesity. Since food is not something you can eliminate, portion control is a huge component to long term weight maintenance.

Many people do not realize that restaurants and other food and drink industries have blinded consumers into unknowingly eating and drinking multiple portions at one time. When ordering a standard meal at most restaurants you are most likely getting two or more portions served to you. Bags of chips are another example of hidden portion sizes. They are presented as a single serving bag but often the package contains more than one serving! It’s unfair that as consumers, healthy portion sizes are hidden in many of the foods and drinks we consume. We have to take control and increase our community awareness.

How do you identify what an actual portion is?

If you are eating foods with nutrition labels, such as a box of cereal, always refer to the serving size. When I personally started dieting, I quickly realized a food scale and measuring cups would be needed when monitoring portion control. Having to weigh and measure serving sizes is not always convenient, but will pay serious dividends if done regularly.

If you are eating foods without a nutrition label or you are confused about appropriate serving sizes, google the food in question starting with “a serving of…”. Most stores and restaurants have a national guild showing serving sizes and nutritional facts on their menu items. Do not be afraid to ask for these details!
Keeping a quick reference guide with you can be helpful as well. Here is a link to a printable cheat sheet you can easily keep in your purse or wallet.

Leafy green vegetables are healthy so you don’t have to worry about portion control, eat until you feel full!

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