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Basic Hydration

  • 500 mL IV Electrolyte Fluids
  • Never Any Hidden Fees

  • Basic PLUS+

    • 1 L IV Electrolyte Fluids
    • Double the IV Fluid as Basic

    Myers Cocktail

    • 1 Liter IV Fluid
    • Essential IV Vitamins
    • Can Improve Immune System Function
    • Click here for more IV Multivitamin Benefits

    Hangover Recovery

    • Special Price $20 Off!
    • 1 liter IV Fluid
    • IV Multivitamin
    • IV B-Complex
    • IV Pain Medication
    • IV Nausea Medication
    • Limited Time Offer

    Myers PLUS+

    Immunity Boost IV

    • Special Price $20 Off!
    • 1 liter IV Fluid
    • High-Dose IV Vitamin C
    • IV Zinc
    • Limited Time Offer

    Antioxidant Treatment

    Migraine Relief

    Migraine Relief PLUS+

    IV Vitamin Add-Ons

    B12 IV or IM

    IV B-Complex

    • Increases Energy Levels
    • Promotes proper nerve function
    • Beneficial for cardiovascular health

    IV Vitamin C 

    • Can protect against common cold
    • Can prevent cancer and heart diseases
    • Can aid in lowering hypertension

    IV Magnesium

    • Improves Sleep, Endurance
    • Reduces Muscle Spasms and Muscle Pain
    • Promotes Healthy Bowel Function

    IV Zinc 

    • Best Vitamin for Boosting your Immune System
    • Strengthens Bones
    • Can assist with Weight Loss

    IV Medications Add-Ons

    Pain Medication

    • IV Toradol
    • 2nd Dose – $10

    Nausea Medication

    • IV Zofran
    • 2nd Dose – $10

    Other IV Treatment Add-Ons

    IV Amino Acid

    • IV Protein
    • Muscle Growth and Endurance
    • Aids in Craving control

    IV Glutathione 

    • 500 mg dose
    • IV Antioxidant
    • Anti-Aging Benefits

    Liver Detox Injection  

    Add 1L IV Fluid

    • Add 1 extra Liter of IV Electrolyte Fluid

    Affordable IV Therapy Near Nashville, TN

    Best Prices on IV Therapy

    IV Therapy takes as little as half hour depending on IV additives and vein accessibility. Our treatment rooms are ready to handle individual treatments or groups up to 14 with reservation. Patients can reserve IV hydration appointments the day of service or can walk-in 7 days a week. You do not have to waste a day being hungover from too many drinks. 61Five Health & Wellness is your Nashville IV therapy solution.

    Check our IV Memberships and Packages Page for Huge discounts and package pricing!

    Call or Text 615.521.0707 outside normal business hours to request appointments or to schedule an on-site visit.

    An additional charge for after hours and on-site treatments will be determined when booking.

    We offer IV memberships, Learn More

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    Schedule Nashville IV therapy, weight loss, or skin care service today at one of our two locations in middle Tennessee. Walk-ins welcome 7 days a week. 

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