Nashville IV Therapy Helping Migraine Sufferers

Anyone that has experienced a migraine can tell you, the symptoms are not fun and little can be done to get relief. What works for one person may not work for another. 61Five Health & Wellness has helped hundreds of migraine sufferers in Nashville, TN relieve common symptoms with IV therapy. IV therapy has been proven to not only decrease the regularity of migraines through increased hydration, but also treat individual symptoms of migraines such as pain and nausea.

Who is affected by migraines?

Around 12% of the population suffers from migraine headaches. Per capita, Tennessee ranks second in the country for individuals searching for relief online. 1 in 4 household has a member that will or has experienced a migraine. Women are around 3 times more likely to experience a migraine than men. Migraine affects 30% of women over a lifetime. Ages 30-60 are most likely to experience migraines but can affect all ages. Acute migraines are the most common. However; 3% of the population has chronic migraine which occur at least 15 days of each month for at least 6 months.

What exactly is a migraine?

Migraines are an inherited neurological disorder that are often triggered by a stimuli such as alcohol, menstruation, fragrances, light glare and more. Migraines can also be triggered spontaneously. Attacks typically begin with increased fatigue, drowsiness, urination, neck pain, or increased sensitivity to light, noise or odors.

The headache phase of migraine can be moderate severe in intensity. These headaches can be extremely disabling for sufferers and painful enough to cause disturbances in daily routine. Head pain can intensify with physical activity such as walking or coughing/sneezing.

Symptoms of migraine attacks can also be associated with nausea, vomiting, sinus pressure, neck pain, dizziness, concentration difficulty, anxiety and extreme changes in mood.

Migraine headache typically last about 24 hours but can range anywhere from 4 hours to 3 days.

The cost associated with migraines

Migraine costs the United States more than $20 billion each year. Costs are attributed to direct medical expenses and other indirect expenses like missed work and lost productivity. The World Health Organization: (WHO) places migraine as one of the top 20 most disabling illnesses on the planet.

The problem with diagnosis?

Migraines are becoming an exceedingly common disorder. Many doctors will under diagnosed and those who do tend to provide inadequate treatment. This leaves thousands in Nashville, TN alone left to suffer through them regularly.

Nashville IV Therapy

Is there a solution?

Although there is no definitive cure for a migraine, 61Five Health & Wellness has assisted Nashville migraine sufferers in treating common symptoms associated with migraines. IV therapy will decrease the regularity of migraines through increased hydration. Nashville IV therapy can also treat individual symptoms of migraines such as pain (IV Toradol) and nausea (IV Zofran) with medications.

IV hydration therapy is affordable can help individuals who are getting over a flare up too. Our IV multivitamin which has essential vitamins and electrolytes can assist with the recovery process, and benefits can last up to 2 weeks!

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